12 Week Outcome Form

Below you will find the simple sections to complete with the most detailed, simple and measurable outcomes you are searching for in the areas of you life that you want TARAnsformed. 

  • BODY - Your physical fitness, looks & feel. BEING - Your mindset, thinking, confidence.
  • BALANCE - Marriage/Significant other, Kids, Family So what is an OUTCOME?
  • OUTCOME - A final product or end result reached through a process of logical thinking, being accountable and taking massive action! In the way of accomplishing this OUTCOME is a massive.
  • PROBLEM - This Problem, if not solved, will hold you back from actually getting what you want with the outcome you have declared. This massive problem likely has many difference obstacles that will have to be covered first in order to actually solve the problem. This problem also cannot simply be solved with one action. The SOLUTION will come but through a series of actions steps that clear the smaller obstacles that make up the Massive Problem. PROBLEM: Any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty that will hinder action and creation of a desired outcome.
  • OBSTACLE - Something that obstructs or hinders progress towards resolution of the problem. 

So below you will be given an opportunity to lock down:

  • Outcome
  • Problem.
  • Obstacles

Be honest, be real and let's KILL IT! Our weekly commitment reports will be explained on our first call. This is the start TARAnsformers I'm excited to help you achieve incredible results!

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